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The Sounds of Randy and the Rainbows featuring Randy Safuto started back in 1959 when they first sang under the name of the “Dialtones” (with a female lead) and had a local hit called “Till I Heard From You.” In 1962 Dom Randy Safuto formed Randy and the Rainbows with his brother Frank Safuto and three other members. Six months later they had a hit record called “Denise” which sold 3 million copies.
In 1964 they had a follow-up record called, “Why Do Kids Grow Up” which sold 800,000 copies. Then from 1965 threw 1967 recorded “Little Star”, “Happy Teenager” and “Quarter To Three”.  In 1982 Randy and the Rainbows featuring Randy Safuto recorded their first album for Ambient Sound called, “C'mon Let's Go” which kept them very busy and also led to their second album “Remember Randy and the Rainbows”.
In 1984 Randy and the Rainbows showed their versatility when they recorded a medley of the “Four Seasons” songs. Because of their dedication to the music business, Randy and the Rainbows – over thirty years later – are still “extremely active” and musically sharper and more polished” then ever. Their act has been described as “clean – fast moving – utilizing very effective medleys and harmonies.”
In 1998 the group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.
Randy and the Rainbows have performed with Dick Clark, for various charities and telethons, at the Westbury Music Fair, Radio City, the Nassau Coliseum, Kissimee, Florida and the Inaugural Ball. They toured with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, performed at the Fox Theater, at outdoor concerts and many great clubs in and around the metropolitan area and neighboring states.
The Group Today: Dom Randy Safuto (lead) – Frank Safuto (vocals) – Anthony Vara (vocals) – Charlie Rocco (vocals) – Johanna Miele (keyboards) – Larry Zettwoch (guitar) – Frank Nicoletti (bass guitar) – and Vincent Rosa on the drums.
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